Breakout star 2015

Nikola Glišić


  • Breakout star of Pored Mene / Next to Me

  • One of Serbia's most talked-about actors

  • Fashion and fitness model

  • Ambition to match talent

Representing Nikola Glišič

Representing Nikola Glišić


NIKOLA GLIŠIĆ is a young actor who attracted intense media attention for his lead role in Serbia's breakout hit of 2015.


Pored Mene Next to Me (2015: dir. Stevan Filipovic) starred Nikola as a troubled high school jock in a class of Belgrade students.


For his challenging role, Nikola received praise not just from critics but from the many fans that the film attracted as Serbia's biggest domestic release in 2015.


Nikola is keen to explore more interesting roles in his acting career, following his appearances in Next to Me and Šišanje / Skinning (dir. Stevan Filipovic).


Marcus Agar represents Nikola in international markets.


Marcus Agar: Publicist