Acclaimed Actor

Slaven Došlo


  • Award-winning Serbian stage and screen actor with international appeal
  • Star of the most popular Serbian film of 2015: Pored Mene / Next to Me
  • Actor of the Year by Men’s Health Serbia (October 2015)
  • Changed Serbian cinema with first gay teen screen kiss in Pored Mene
  • Named Best Male Actor by the Niš Film Festival for his role in Panama
  • Dara Calenic Foundation & Special Sterija Awards: Best Young Actor
  • Lead in Biser Bojane (2017), Vojna Akademija III (2016) & international hit Vlaznost / Humidity (2016)

Representing Slaven Došlo

Who is Slaven Došlo?


SLAVEN DOŠLO is an actor highly praised for lead roles in Pored Mene Next to Me (2015), Panama (2015), Vlaznost / Humidity (2016), Vojna Akademija III (2016) and Biser Bojane (2017).


Slaven was the face of 2015, thanks to a notable role in the domestic hit Pored Mene, which topped the Serbian box office and earned him Men’s Health Serbia's Actor of the Year.


The drama from director Stevan Filipović won Best Film at the Pula International Film Festival and the Young Audience Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival.


Slaven’s stand-out performance as a sharp-witted college boy who enjoys Serbian cinema’s first teenage gay kiss attracted acclaim at home and abroad, including The Hollywood Reporter, and won him an acting award from Ireland's Subtitle Film Festival.


Slaven has a number of Serbian projects due for release, and is currently considering two international roles.   

Marcus Agar: Manager/Publicist